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Iran’s Central Bank Refutes Reports of Introducing Large-Denomination Currency

Officials from the Iranian Central Bank have dismissed rumors suggesting the government's contemplation of introducing a high-denomination banknote into circulation amidst the ongoing depreciation...

SoftBank Receives $7.6 Billion T-Mobile Stake Windfall, Shares Surge 5%

SoftBank Group Corp announced a significant windfall, stating it would be granted T-Mobile US shares valued at approximately $7.59 billion with no additional cost....

Which is the smallest currency in the world: A Complete Overview

Currencies are a fundamental aspect of our global economy, serving as mediums of exchange, units of account, and stores of value. While many currencies...

What is IRR currency?What is IRR currency symbol and code?

What is IRR currency The rial (Persian: ریال ایران, romanized: riyâl-è Irân; sign: Rls. or IR in Latin, ﷼ in Persian; code: IRR) is the...


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