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Messari non-EVM chain report: Solana data is still substantially ahead of Cardano, Algorand and others

Crypto analytics firm Messari released the latest non-EVM blockchain report on July 7, pointing out that among the leading non-EVM blockchains, Solana outperforms its...

Do you really know what the Ethereum beacon chain is?

The Ethereum Beacon Chain is one of the most significant upgrades to the Ethereum network in its history. The chain is a consensus layer...

Explain the Bitcoin Transaction Process in Detail

A transaction is bitcoins from one address, transferred to another address. Since all bitcoin transaction records are public, it is possible to find out how many bitcoins...

What is Bitcoin Mining and How is Bitcoin Issued?

What is Bitcoin Mining When Bitcoin nodes connect to each other, they get transactions from each other that they do not have. However, due to the long-term accumulation...


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