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Medium – and long-term investors should avoid what types of stocks

There are three types of investors to avoid: A significant number of investors are often influenced by media presentations in their choices.Some makers use...

what is BEF currency?what is BEF currency symbol and code?

The BEF (Belgian franc) was the currency of the Kingdom of Belgium from 1832 until 2002 when the Euro was introduced. It was subdivided...

What are the IPO investment strategies?

New shares , new refers to newly listed stocks, so new shares refer to those stocks that have just been listed and can operate...

Hash locking of cross-chain technical solutions

Hashlock and the Lightning NetworkHash lock, the full name of Hash TimeLock Contract, is a new technical implementation form proposed in the Lightning Network. Hash...

How to judge the bottoming out of the gold market?

When the price of gold falls and cannot fall, the gold market often reverses and bottoms out, but most gold investors cannot judge when...


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