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Practical application of golden section line in gold speculation

How to use the golden section line in gold investment ? The actual application of the golden section line in gold speculation is mainly...

How to grasp the leverage ratio in gold speculation?

To speculate on gold , grasp the leverage ratio like this: low leverage If the leverage ratio is relatively small, such as 1:50, when investing, although...

What to do with the slippage of fried gold?

Slippage handling methods for gold speculation : 1. Investors can choose to change platforms; 2. Currently, there are market price platforms and price limit...

What is the significance of the upper and lower shadows of gold k?

In gold investment transactions, in addition to using the yin and yang of the K line to represent the ups and downs of the...

How much is 1 ton of gold worth?

1 ton of gold It is difficult to give an exact value for a ton of pure gold, but a current, and very approximate, figure...


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