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Asia FX Subdued, Dollar Stable Ahead of Further Fed Guidance; Yen Remains Vulnerable

Most Asian currencies experienced slight weakness on Monday, while the dollar maintained stability as traders eagerly awaited additional signals regarding interest rates from the Federal Reserve in the upcoming week.


The Japanese yen continued to display fragility following a partial retracement of its gains stemming from potential currency market intervention by the government earlier in May. However, further yen depreciation was limited by the prospect of additional intervention measures.


Amidst prevailing uncertainty surrounding U.S. interest rate trajectories, broader currencies exhibited minor weakening.


Chinese Yuan Weakened as PBOC Maintains LPR:

The Chinese yuan’s USDCNY pair edged up by 0.1% subsequent to the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) maintaining its benchmark loan prime rate at record lows. Despite improved sentiment towards China, driven by increased stimulus and policy backing from Beijing, the yuan’s strength remained subdued, reflecting heightened downward pressure amid expanded stimulus measures.

Trade Tensions Weigh on Other Currencies:

Persistent concerns regarding a potential trade conflict between the U.S. and China impacted currencies with significant trade exposure to China. The Australian dollar’s AUDUSD pair rose marginally by 0.1%, while the South Korean won’s USDKRW pair increased by 0.5%. The Singapore dollar’s USDSGD pair remained relatively unchanged.

Japanese Yen Remains Fragile, Intervention Anticipated:

The Japanese yen’s USDJPY pair inched up slightly on Monday, hovering near the 156 yen threshold. Although the pair retraced a portion of its earlier losses following perceived government intervention, apprehension persisted due to fears of elevated U.S. interest rates and limited intervention by the Bank of Japan. Traders exercised caution about pushing the USDJPY pair beyond the 156 level, mindful of potential government intervention.

Dollar Stability amid Anticipation of Further Fed Insights:

The dollar index and dollar index futures exhibited minimal movement in Asian trading, stabilizing after experiencing declines last week. Softer-than-expected U.S. consumer inflation data raised expectations of potential interest rate cuts by September. However, several Fed officials emphasized the necessity for greater confidence in inflation retreat before considering rate adjustments. Market focus this week centers on additional insights from the central bank, with the release of minutes from its late-April meeting scheduled for Wednesday. Furthermore, a series of speeches by Fed officials, particularly members of the rate-setting committee, are anticipated throughout the week.