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Japan Stocks Retreat, Nikkei 225 Slips 0.34% as Glass and Insurance Sectors Drag

Japan’s stock market witnessed a decline at the close of trading on Thursday, with losses in the Glass, Insurance, and Communication sectors exerting downward pressure on shares.


The Nikkei 225 index concluded the session with a decrease of 0.34% in Tokyo.


Among the notable performers on the Nikkei 225, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (TYO:7012) stood out, surging by 14.27% or 700.00 points to reach 5,607.00 by the session’s end. Similarly, Yamaha Corp. (TYO:7951) recorded a gain of 9.29% or 308.00 points, closing at 3,624.00, while IHI Corp. (TYO:7013) saw an increase of 8.20% or 312.00 points, ending at 4,119.00 in late trade.


Conversely, Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO:9064) experienced a significant decline of 11.86% or 239.00 points, settling at 1,777.00 by the close. Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. (TYO:6976) followed suit, dropping by 8.84% or 322.00 points to finish at 3,321.00, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (TYO:7011) fell by 6.44% or 85.50 points, closing at 1,242.00.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, rising stocks outnumbered declining ones, with 2070 stocks advancing, 1538 declining, and 248 remaining unchanged.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (TYO:7012) observed a surge to 5-year highs, while Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO:9064) recorded 3-year lows. Meanwhile, IHI Corp. (TYO:7013) reached 52-week highs during the session.

The Nikkei Volatility index, reflecting the implied volatility of Nikkei 225 options, rose by 8.07% to 20.75, marking a new 1-month low.

In commodities trading, crude oil prices experienced gains, with June delivery rising by 0.46% to $79.35 per barrel for U.S. crude, and Brent oil for July delivery climbing by 0.31% to $83.84 per barrel. Additionally, the June Gold Futures contract saw a marginal increase of 0.04% to $2,323.15 per troy ounce.

The currency market witnessed the USD/JPY pair rising by 0.14% to 155.70, while the EUR/JPY pair saw a modest increase of 0.04% to 167.25.

The US Dollar Index Futures showed a slight uptick of 0.06% at 105.49.