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Asia Forex Market Maintains Stability Amid Dollar’s Standstill Amid US Inflation Concerns

In the midst of anticipation surrounding crucial U.S. inflation data and its potential ramifications on interest rates, most Asian currencies displayed minimal movement on Wednesday, while the dollar stabilized. Traders exercised caution, refraining from making significant moves.


Of particular note was the Japanese government’s potential intervention in currency markets, causing traders to remain vigilant. The yen lingered near its weakest point in 34 years, adding to market apprehension.


Dollar Holds Steady, Eyes Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Rate Indications

During Asian trading, both the dollar index and dollar index futures remained relatively unchanged, maintaining levels around 104. Attention was firmly fixed on forthcoming consumer price index (CPI) data for March.


Market analysts anticipate the data to reveal persistent inflation in March, a trend that could dampen the Federal Reserve’s motivation to initiate interest rate cuts. The data release follows a robust nonfarm payrolls report, suggesting a hawkish stance from the Fed.

Apart from CPI figures, the release of the Fed’s March meeting minutes awaited scrutiny. While the Fed had indicated potential rate cuts of 75 basis points during the meeting, several Fed officials cautioned that stubborn inflation could alter this outlook.

Watchful Eye on Yen as USD/JPY Nears 152

Concerns also loomed over possible intervention by the Japanese government in the currency market, especially with the USD/JPY pair hovering near the 152 level, its highest since 1990.

Japanese officials issued numerous verbal warnings against speculation targeting the yen, prompting traders to exercise caution in maintaining long positions on USD/JPY.

USDCNY Remains Stable, Fitch Downgrades China Credit Outlook

The USDCNY pair exhibited little movement on Wednesday following a robust midpoint fix by the People’s Bank of China. However, sentiment toward Chinese markets soured after Fitch Ratings downgraded its outlook on China’s credit rating due to escalating debt levels and slowing economic growth.

Despite nearing five-month highs, further gains in the USDCNY pair were curtailed by the People’s Bank of China’s interventions, reflecting Beijing’s unease with a depreciating yuan.

Broad Stability in Asian Currencies Amid U.S. Focus

Against the backdrop of heightened U.S. focus, broader Asian currencies maintained a flat-to-low range. The Australian dollar’s AUDUSD pair experienced a minor decline, while the Singapore dollar’s USDSGD pair remained stable.

The South Korean won’s USDKRW pair dipped slightly, and the Indian rupee’s USDINR pair hovered close to record highs above 83.0.