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DigiFT Unveils DMMF Token: An Actively Managed Investment Solution for Stablecoin Holders On-chain

DigiFT, the pioneering on-chain Real World Asset (RWA) exchange regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is excited to announce the launch of its second-series RWA depository receipt (DR) token, the DigiFT USD Money Market Fund Token (DMMF). This innovative offering aims to provide stablecoin holders with a new avenue for actively managed investments within the crypto space.


Amidst a rising demand for tokenized financial products, DigiFT introduces the DMMF token, seizing the momentum witnessed by the recent success of BlackRock’s tokenized fund, which garnered $160 million within its debut week. This surge underscores the growing interest in tokenized funds as compelling investment options within the digital asset market.


The DMMF token offers investors a direct beneficial interest in a money market fund meticulously managed by a licensed fund manager. This fund strategically invests in high-quality, short-term money market instruments and debt securities, including government and corporate bonds, commercial bills, and deposits with eligible financial institutions. Through exclusive partnerships with licensed institutions in Singapore, the DMMF token ensures a secure and compliant investment avenue for stakeholders.


Issued on Ethereum and Arbitrum, the DMMF Token provides stablecoin holders seeking treasuries or cash solutions with an additional option to explore stablecoin yield. With the stablecoin market cap projected to surge from $150 billion to approximately $3 trillion over the next five years, according to CoinDesk, the DMMF token is strategically positioned to cater to this burgeoning demand.

The token’s unique issuance structure, leveraging DigiFT’s innovative DR model, guarantees that each DMMF token directly represents a share of the underlying securities’ income rights. This model, pioneered in DigiFT’s U.S. Treasury Bill depository receipt token, ensures accurate representation of token holders’ interests in the underlying asset while facilitating seamless settlement on-chain.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, DigiFT remains at the forefront, committed to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of investors and institutions alike. The launch of DMMF signifies this unwavering commitment, setting a new standard for cash management in the web3 era.

About DigiFT

DigiFT stands as the premier regulated exchange for on-chain real-world assets, accredited as a Recognised Market Operator with a Capital Markets Services license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. DigiFT empowers asset owners to issue blockchain-based security tokens, enabling investors to engage in continuous liquidity trading through an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

Established in Singapore in 2021, DigiFT prioritizes compliance with regulatory standards to operate within the capital markets space while spearheading innovative financial solutions responsibly.

Comprising executives with extensive experience in finance, fintech, and blockchain technology from leading institutions like Citi, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, DigiFT is dedicated to driving the evolution of financial services with a strong emphasis on regulatory adherence.